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Progress Update: A Bit of News

Hello, my friends.  Can we have a glory, hallelujah moment?  Our condo has sold!  I’ve waited a week to make sure everything would stick, but now I feel relatively comfortable broadcasting the news.  If you have been with me for awhile, you may remember that in October we decided to throw in the towel and accept that this simply isn’t the happiest or healthiest place for us.  We rented a storage unit, we purged our belongings remorselessly, we sold furniture, painted, upholstered, built and hacked new teeny-tiny dresser/nightstands. . .and then disaster struck.

When Hurricane Sandy rolled over the East Coast, our area fared pretty well; our condo building did not.  Our unit and our next door neighbor’s were flooded by rain water.  We lost the floors and the door, and our plans to sell were brought to an immediate full stop.  But come February, finally, FINALLY, the new door was put in, the beautiful new floors were installed, we patched, painted some more, and I cleaned as if my hope of heaven depended on it!

 On Wednesday the 20th we listed, on Thursday we had four showings, and by Friday night we were under contract with one of two competing offers!!  (To see all of the photos, and Jason’s take on the news, click here.)

Now, my dears, we have until April to decide what exactly we are going to do next.  Our immediate fall back plan is to get into a rental nearby.  We have lots of irons in the fire and I will keep you posted as we figure things out.  Posting will probably continue to be sporadic as we pack and prepare to move, and find out what to do with ourselves the way grown ups are supposed to.  We are open to all possibilities, so don’t be surprised if the next thing you hear is that we’ve decided to be cat herders in Tasmania or opened a shaved ice stand in Belize!  And, if you follow me on Pinterest, don’t be surprised if a good many house-y things begin to trickle in (I’m getting a touch excited about the possibility of living in more than 700 sq. ft.!).  Later, Gators!

Progress Update

What a week!  We have been working non-stop on our one thing, our goal of selling our condo.  This week we have had the thrill of accomplishing two major tasks to that end:  we have painted our 10.5 foot ceilinged bedroom, and we have sold our two enormous wardrobes!  Yes, hooray for progress.    I thought it would be nice to pop in for a brief moment and give you a sneak peak at what we have done so far.  Here is the bedroom  on Sunday night, all prepped for painting

changes, they are a comin’

One thirteen hour day of painting, and a week of anxiously hoping to find a new home for our twin  caverns, et voila!

blank canvas

Good bye hideous, shiny blue walls; hello fresh start.  All that is left to do now is finish painting trim around the house, move more stuff into storage, build and paint new bedside dressers, clean, decorate, and list!  So, not much at all really (sigh).  But, seriously, despite all the hard work this endeavor is taking, we both feel confident that we are doing the right thing and completely blessed  in how everything is working out.  Stay tuned for the final results!

Did you miss the bit about why we are moving?  Read here to catch up.