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Cookbook Love and Menu #2

Happy Monday y’all!  As I was prepping our weekly meals and grocery list, I noticed it was pretty heavily populated by two of my favorite newer cookbooks.  In fact, for the last month or two, we’ve eaten from one of them at least twice a week.  I figure if you love something that much, you should share it.  The Art of Eating Well was a Christmas gift Santa Spence checked off my list.  I showed up a little late to the H+H party, but better late than never! Of course, if you’ve been reading O.i.H. for awhile, you already know how much I love Sarah Britton, so the My New Roots cookbook should be no surprise.

cookbook love

Hundreds of other people have written up these gorgeous books, and the gorgeous women behind them.  I think the food is good enough to speak for itself.  In that vein I thought I would share my menu for the week so you could see for yourself.  I scouted around the web and found many of the recipes from the books available online.  Click on the image below to access the PDF with recipe links.  For even more fabulousness (if, like me, you just can’t get enough), visit them at My New Roots and Hemsley+Hemsley.



Finally, powerHouse Books seems to have posted a full preview of the Hemsley+Hemsley book here.  This seems a bit odd, but the link is directly from the publisher’s site.  Take a look, see how amazing it is, then buy a copy for yourself. . .and a friend. . .and your mom, aunt, cousin, sister, nephew!

Life Lately

This is my fourth attempt at writing this post.  The first two were totally devoid of information or emotional connection, while the last one was terribly earnest and solemn; let’s see what happens this time.

Hi!  I’ve missed being here.  I’ve not felt much like sharing over the last few months.  I got some frustrating news and needed time to process it before I could talk about it in a reasonable way.  Way back in November, Jason and I set out on a little exploration walk that turned into a 9 mile trek.  I know that isn’t a crazy distance, which is why I was surprised to start limping at mile 7 and mortified to have Jason run home for the car to drive me the final half mile home.   I tried resting it, but when I was still limping in January I went to a doctor.  Very long story short:  I’ve torn the labrum in my left hip.  Turns out I actually have a deformity of the femoral bone head, leading to something called femoral acetabular impingement.  Basically, the bone is a bit larger than the socket space allowed for it, and the resulting friction is tearing the squishy labrum and chipping the hip bone socket (or acetabulum).   After two months of physical therapy and no improvement, we decided on surgery.  I had a pre-surgery MRI done, and, **surprise**, found out that I have a dermoid cyst in my right ovary.

I’ve not spoken of it here before, other than a brief, non-specific mention of a second surgery on the About O.i.H page, but in 2007 I had surgery to remove a dermoid cyst from my left ovary.  Well, in about 10-15% of cases, dermoid cysts are bi-lateral, meaning they will develop in both ovaries.  Hooray for winning the percentage lottery!

Anyway, hip surgery discussion was put on hold until I could get an assessment of the cyst, and what sort of response that required.  Skipping over all the minutiae, the big picture is this- the cyst is small, but will need to be removed.  We were originally thinking laparoscopy,  but it turns out the cyst is in the exact center of the ovary, so the surgery of choice (or at least of recommendation) is a mini laparotomy.  I’ll have that surgery at the end of May, and the hip arthroscopy  mid-June!

From time to time the thought of the hip surgery makes me panic just a smidge.  I mean, it is technically an elective surgery for a condition that many people go their whole lives just putting up with.  Whereas I, for many reasons, am choosing to have this surgery that is going to put me on crutches for 4 to 6 weeks at a time when. . .well, I just have to keep asking myself, is there ever a convenient time for that?

In other news, things are getting exciting in Jason’s business.  He is set to give his first week long class the first week of June.  Yes, the timing could be better, but we are so thankful and excited to see how things are developing. Our house has been looking like we robbed a Radio Shack as we are compiling all the necessary equipment for classes.pelican cases telephones mantle


Now that I’ve gotten started, there is actually more I want to talk about :).  However, seeing as this is already a brutally long post, I’m going to say sayonara for now.  Hopefully I’ll be back in the next few days with a look at the cookbook we are pretty much living out of at the moment, and maybe some thoughts on getting ready for surgeries if anyone is interested.  Till then. . .