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Greetings, again.  You may have noticed that I took some time off. . .I mean REALLY took some time!  I found in March that I was just utterly tired of food.  To be honest, I was utterly tired, period.  I began having some heart problems in late winter.  I let it go, too discouraged to try to deal with it, until my physical therapist and doc.’s office finally sent me to the E.R. one morning.  Answers were not quickly or easily forthcoming, but in the end it turned out that the allergy medications that made life here in northern VA. bearable were greatly increasing my heart rate.

Through all of this my husband and I ate in survival mode: nothing fancy, nothing that required navigating new recipes.  Luckily, we were in Williamsburg, Virginia for three of those weeks, and didn’t have to worry about cooking.

Since that problem began to resolve, I’ve still been feeling lackluster about cooking.  I’ve been thinking about lots of things and wanting to share them, but I’ve hesitated because they weren’t necessarily about recipes, and recipes and travel are what have defined this space until now.  Well, that may have to change.  I plan (notice that is plan not promise) to be writing more in the days to come.  A lot of it will be nutrition or health related, some of it won’t be; I may even get in a recipe or two before the year completely disappears!  I hope that those of you who have stuck around through the silence, and those of you who are just dropping in for the first time, will come and join the conversation.  Let me know if there are topics you have questions about, books you’ve been reading, changes you’ve been making, foods you are enjoying.  I would love to hear a bit about all of you, and could use the inspiration!  Thank you for stopping by or sticking with me, whichever the case may be :).

5 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking

  1. Charlene Spence

    Summer is a great time for feeling lackluster about cooking. The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables makes eating a breeze. Love you and so happy you’re feeling better healthwise.

  2. Heather

    As you know, because I’m lucky enough to chat you up on the phone, I’m newly interested in all things Paleo. I’m excited about my success and ready to take on the adventure of learning to cook Paleo!

    1. Brandy Post author

      Let me know how that first almond recipe goes. I’m so pleased and excited for you as well!


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