Back Down South: Part One

Hi there!  Jason and I are half way through another mammoth trip, and I figure it is about time for an update.  Our first stop on the southern stretch of I-95 was Charleston, home to the world’s best best friend/sister (that is fun construction, huh?) Heather, and her husband Jeremy.  They took us out to dinner at Fleet Landing on the waterfront.  We spent the evening, under a blue moon, watching dolphins play and ships sail in, indulging in fantastic seafood and a fabulously Frenchie crème brûlée!

Fleet Landing Restaurant, Charleston, SC
photo property of Fleet Landing

The next morning we were on the road again, Georgia bound.  Jason had an opening day date with a dove field, and I got to really play with our nephew for the first time (every visit before now he was too little to really rough and tumble with).  It is often hard for me to immediately loosen up  when we go home, but this trip, with my amazing sis-in-law’s equally amazing baby to ease the way, and the promise of the ocean in the offing, I was able to overcome much of the prissy Miss who so often carries the day.  And so we relaxed ourselves into the love and craziness that is family: hunting (Jason), playing, talking and, of course, eating.  We spent three days soaking up parents, siblings, nephew, aunts, uncles and cousins before continuing south to soak up sun!

morning at the farm
photo property of Crystal Baird Pope

riding the tractor; BXP at the wheel
photo property of Crystal Baird Pope

Come Tuesday morning, not bright, but very early, our bags were packed and we were ready for Florida.  Hello, vacation!  To start the trip off right, and avoid getting to the hotel hours before check-in, we built in a side trip:  Savannah!  Savannah is one of our favorite southern cities; it is where we went for our honeymoon, and where we return constantly for honey. . .Savannah Bee honey, that is.

Savannah Bee at Broughton St., Savannah, GA

sweet nectar!!!!

We browsed the Broughton St. store, then headed down to the River St. location to pick up my five pound jug of Tupelo perfection.  I know, I know, I have a problem!  We had lunch overlooking the Savannah River, picked up some ridiculously good teas at The Tea Room (vanilla jasmine green, creme brulee, and black currant), perused some shops and eventually got the heck out of dodge (of course making a Sonic stop before we really got rolling).

Jason had a love affair with this tree. This is the only photo out of five in which I am in focus as well as the tree.

Then it was us for little old Amelia Island, more specifically Fernandina Beach.  All that travel we’ve been doing lately has paid off in hotel points, giving us five free nights at the Hampton Inn in the old town!!  We spent the first two full days going to the beach in the mornings, returning to loaf about the historic area in the afternoons.  It was wonderful, especially the beach!  Dazzling white-hot beaches call to me.  Most of my friends in D.C. and my family in Milledgeville, accustomed to my ever-present pallor and insistent use of sunscreen, would be surprised by that notion.  Nevertheless, tis true.  I glory in the heavy, humid, languid lushness of it all.  And after months of sickness and flipping summer, to winter and back again, even Jason was longing for some searing sunshine and time to play with his metal detector (that’s right, we have nerd love, and are proud of it!).

marina behind hotel

basking in the morning rays

this is my love nerd

Coming soon:  St. Augustine, more Amelia Island, and Virginia Beach.  Stay tuned!

Penny for you thoughts?