Baby Steps

Today is the first day I’ve been able to get out with collapsing into a coughing, wheezing heap of sick.  This is my third case of bronchitis this year, and by far the worst of the lot.  It has also been the most contagious; at last count we infected five family members (both families over Christmas) and one co-worker.  This afternoon I hauled my pale-as-a-sprout self over to the colonial area to walk around in the sun, and work with the camera a bit.  One of my favorite things about Colonial Williamsburg is the gardens.  We are here for work about twice a year, every year since 2008, and I still tour the gardens every time:  I am a dirt dauber!  They have formal English style gardens, working, educational vegetable gardens, and even a gorgeous estate size garden/park.  DSC_0323

Aren’t these cloches stunning.  The vegetable garden across from the church has an enviable display of winter greens, onions, and some hidden pockets of cheerful pansies.



Also, here is my first attempt at a knitting project.  I chose to start with a scarf for Jason done in rick rack stitch; I found the pattern on Purl Bee.  I’ve learned that I cannot keep up with stitch count from one row to the next.  I can’t even put counters on every other row yet.  I ripped everything out three times before I finally started marking each row!  Okay, enough of my fiber frenzy (seriously, I’m going to have to start another craft blog so that I don’t have to keep apologizing for talking about this stuff :) ).

Look for more pictures and some of my Williamsburg restaurant recommendations coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Tori

    I love the knit stitch you’re using for the scarf. You’ll get used to how the rows look so you can count them. I like your idea with the pins. I’ve always used tally marks on paper when I finish a row. I might try the pin thing. Hope you are well soon!


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